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Arian Abdulla


Areas of Expertise:

  • Measuring Research Impact and Bibliometrics: Provide consultation and reporting that enables researchers, clinicians and departments to measure and demonstrate the impact of their published work
  • Research Data Management, and data sharing: Help you understand journal and funder data sharing requirements providing guidance on repository selection for deposit, etc.
  • Scholarly communication: including advising on issues related to scholarly publishing, Open Science,  Identifying Reputable & Appropriate Journals, and publishing strategies to address specific scholarly communication goals. 
  • NCBI Tools, and genomic resources: Consult and guide you on the use of end-user bioinformatics databases including NCBI, EBI, BioGPS, Mouse Genome Informatics Database etc
  • Identifying Published Literature, Access and Manage Information
  • Tools for keeping current
Postdoctoral Associate in Pathology-   Yale School of Medicine    2016
Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 2015
MS  Biomedical Sciences, Albert Einstein College of Medicine,  2011
B.S. Biology, Northwestern Oklahoma State University, 2007
Fellow, National Library of Medicine Georgia Biomedical Informatics Course, April 2017.  Sponsored by the National Library of Medicine.
Publications and Presentations: 
Arian Abdulla, Yi Zhang, Fu-Ning Hsu, Xiaoli, Xiaoping Zhao, Ellen S.T. Yang, Jun-Yuan Ji, and Fajun Yang 2014. Regulation of lipogenic gene expression by lysine-specific histone demethylase-1. The Journal of Biological Chemistry September 2014
Xiaoping Zhao, Xiaoli, Haihong Zong, Arian Abdulla, Ellen S.T. Young, Jun-Yuan Ji, Jeffrey E. Pessin,   Bhaskar C. Das, and Fajun Yang 2014. Inhibition of SREBP transcriptional activity by a boron-containing compound improves lipid homeostasis in diet-induced obesity. Diabetes, 03/2014;
Adi Shemesh, Arian Abdulla, Fajun Yang, Streamson C. Chua, Jeffrey E. Pessin, and Haihong Zong 2014. The antidepressant trans-2-phenylcyclopropylamine protects mice from high-fat-diet-induced obesity. PLoS One,
01/2014; 9(2): e89199.
Arian Abdulla, Xiaoping Zhao, and Fajun Yang 2013. Natural Polyphenols Inhibit Lysine- Specific Demethylase-1 in vitro. Journal of Biochemical and Pharmacological Research, 03/2013; 1(1): 56-63.
Xiaping Zhao1, Daorang Feng1,Qun Wang, Arian Abdulla, Xiao-Jun Xie, Jie Zhou,Yan Sun, Ellen, S Yang, Lu-Ping Liu, Bhavapriya Vaitheesvaran, Lauren Bridges, Irwin J Kurland, Randy Strich, Jian-Quan Ni, Chenguang Wang, Johan Ericsson, Jeffrey E. Pessin, Jun-Yuan Yi, and Fajun Yang 2012. Regulation of Lipogenesis by Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 8-Mediated Control of SREBP1.The Journal of Clinical Investigation, 06/2012; 122(7): 2417-27.
Kiryl D. Piatkevich, James Hulit, Oksana M. Subach, Bin Wu, Arian Abdulla, Jeffrey E. Segall and Vladislav V. Verkhusha 2010. Monomeric Red Fluorescent Proteins with a Large Stokes Shift. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 03/2010; 107(12): 5369-74.
Earle Stellwagen, Arian Abdulla, Qian Dong and Nancy C. Stellwagen 2007. Electrophoretic Mobility is a Reporter of Hairpin Structure in Single-Stranded DNA Oligomers. Biochemistry, 10/2007; 46(38): 10931-41.


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