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Measures and Tools for Scholarly Metrics and Altmetrics

Name Description Fee/Free Links
Times Cited
Number of times a work (e.g. an article) has been referenced, typically by other scholarly works Fee (available to UVa affiliates via library subscription) At HSL, use the Web of Science database and these instructions to calculate Times Cited
Impact Factor

The journal Impact Factor is the average number of times a journal's articles have been cited, over the previous two years.

For example, the 2012 Impact Factor for a journal is equal to citations in 2012 to items published in that journal in 2010 and 2011, divided by the number of items published by that journal in 2010 and 2011

Fee (available to UVa affiliates via library subscription) At HSL, use the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) database and these instructions to find Impact Factors
h-index A measure of both the productivity and impact of the published work of an individual scientist or scholar through a simple formula: h (a number) is equal to the point at which a scholar's h papers have each been cited at least h times Free Can be self-calculated, but the HSL's Web of Science subscription (see instructions) or a Google Scholar Profile have this measure, based on the publications each source recognizes as yours

Measures "alternative" metrics such as page views, downloads, blog postings, and tweets measures ("badges") appear on major journals and publishers' articles

Individual researchers can get amonthly subscription

Bookmarklet can produce a badge for any article online

Fee, but free bookmarklet

ImpactStory Creates a researcher profile that displays how their scholarship is cited, saved and discussed. Free, open source
PlumX Works with institutions to create profiles for individual researchers or groups displaying metrics for their scholarship including usage, captures, mentions, social media, and citations. Fee PlumX (has sample pages from Univ of Pittsburgh's PlumX subscription)
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