Health Literacy

Patient Education


Resources for Clinicians

Instructions and information about health conditions and procedures, lab tests, and medications are available from the following sources.

In-house (requires a hospital-network computer or account login from off-site)

Patient Education Repository - a clearinghouse for UVA-developed instructions and handouts, staff favorites for online videos and other material from non-UVA developers. You can also access this resource from Epic > Resources tab.\

See the Guidelines for developing UVA materials for patients and families.

See also: "Resources Card" with list of UVA contacts to address patient/family needs. 

Vendor/3rd-party Materials (requires a hospital-network computer; off-site access varies)

Clinical Key - patient education material in English and Spanish.

Lexi-Comp - easy-to-read drug handouts and other topic handouts for adults and children, in over 19 languages. You can also access this resource from Epic > Resources tab, or from the intranet Clinician Portal > Lab & Pharmacy section > RX Reference link. Note: the medication handouts in Up-To-Date(r) come from Lexi-Comp.

Need additional patient-friendly health information? - the best place to start a web search, with multiple topics in English and Spanish, plus selected other languages, with easy-to-read options and videos.

Other Languages and Cultures

Health Information Translations - multiple topics, languages and links to other sources.

Ethnomed - multiple topics, languages and links to other sources and cultural profiles.

Need help with effective health communication in general to meet the other unique needs of your patients/families (including cultural competence, health literacy, ethics & moral distress, patient safety)? Search the library's Culture, Communication, and Ethics page.

Can't find what you need, or don't have time? In Epic, you can put in an "Information Rx (Library)" order -- Ancillary Consult for inpatients, Referral for outpatients -- and the librarian will follow-up with the patient/family directly, or with you, whichever you prefer. 

Does your patient speak American Sign Language (ASL) only? - educational videos in American Sign Language.

Contact Language Assistance Services to request an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter just as for other language interpreters.


Images for Use in Patient Education Material

Click here to learn how to find medical images that can be used for patient education.


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