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How do I connect to UVA library resources from off-Grounds on my iPad?




Access to UVA-licensed resources such as online books, journals, and search tools (e.g. UpToDate; Ovid MEDLINE) is restricted to UVA faculty, staff, and students. There are several ways to access resources; these instructions support using your iOS device to access licensed resources via any search tool (e.g. Google).

Step by Step

Open these instructions in the browser of your iOS device.
  1. Copy the following URL by tapping and holding your finger on the text below, then select Copy.
  2. Bookmark this instruction page by tapping the action arrow  at the right of the location bar, then tap Add Bookmark.
  3. Save the bookmark, named "Moore Access," to your iOS device's Bookmarks Bar (for button-like functionality) or Bookmarks folder if you prefer.
    screenshot highlighting add bookmark menu choice
  4. Most important: edit the bookmark. You need to change the bookmark's URL to the text you copied in Step 2. Follow the steps below for your device:
    • Tap the Bookmarks button at the top of the screen 
    • Tap Edit
    • Locate the Moore Access bookmark you just saved, then tap it.
    • Tap the URL field of the bookmark (it begins with http:// ) then delete its contents. Hold your finger on the now empty URL field and select Paste when that option appears. The text you copied should now be in the URL field for your Moore Access bookmark
    • Tap Done

    screenshot showing edit bookmark icon and where to enter text

  5. Navigate to the UVA-licensed resource you want to access, via Google or your search tool of choice.
  6. Click the button you just installed in your bookmark folder.
  7. Log in via Netbadge when prompted, and access the resource.


Additional assistance is available to UVA Health System faculty, staff, and students. Just Ask Us - we are happy to provide help via email, phone, or in-person.

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