Clinical Datasets

TriNetX Live (UVA only)

TriNetX Live is a cloud-based platform that allows UVA researchers to explore de-identified patient cohort data. Because the health data is presented in aggregate without any patient identifiers, human subject ethics (IRB) approval is not needed in order to query health data through this interface. TriNetX Live makes it simple to build study criteria out to refine research design and assess protocol feasibility using real UVA Health Systems patient data. Click here to learn more about TriNetX and how to request an account.

UVA Clinical Data Repository (UVA only)

The Clinical Data Repository (CDR) is a data warehouse containing de-identified clinical and administrative information on over 1 million patient and 5 million clinical encounters at UVA prior to June 2017. It provides authorized researchers, clinicians, and students with direct access to detailed, flexible, and rapid retrospective views of de-identified clinical and financial patient data.

Publicly Available Datasets

Selected Health Sciences Datasets

See this guide to freely accessible health-related datasets curated by the University of Virginia Library.

Additional Recommended Datasets

More data sources, grouped by subject areas including census and demography, economic and finance, education, media and communication, and more.

Genomics Data

Genomics Data

See our guide on discovering genomics datasets from NCBI and other sources



The UVA Health System now has a REDCap instance. REDCap is a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases. REDCap can be used to collect virtually any type of data, including 21 CFR Part 11, FISMA, and HIPAA-compliant environments. To learn more or contact the REDCap group, click here: REDCap Data Management. "Red Cap"


UVA provides access to Qualtrics, a Web-based tool for creating online surveys. Qualtrics allows for robust survey composition with a multitude of question types, complex survey flow patterns, and the ability to complete NetBadge authenticated surveys. The Qualtrics Research Suite provides a separate portal for highly sensitive data (e.g. HIPAA-protected data types) as well as an interface for moderately sensitive data).


UVA provides access to IBM SPSS Statistics for all faculty, staff, and students of UVA for use on computers in the Charlottesville area. Downloads are available for Windows and Mac. See this guide on UVA's SPSS from Research Data Services + Sciences for more on installing SPSS, and who to contact for licensing issues.

Multi-Schema Information Capture (MuSIC)

The Multi-Schema Information Capture (MuSIC) framework was created at UVA to allow rapid and flexible development of Web-based custom research databases for a variety of purposes. Research databases with a generic Web user interface can be developed rapidly within the MuSIC framework and then customized to yield an optimal online display. 


The UVAHS Cancer Biomedical Informatics Group administers OnCore, a commercial Web application that coordinates the data collection and staff workflow across all UVA oncology clinical research teams.OnCore is used to create electronic case report forms (eCRFs) for oncology research. 

Computing Environments


Ivy is a secure computing environment for UVa researchers consisting of virtual machines (Linux and Windows), Domino Data Lab, and the Hadoop/Spark MapReduce environment. Researchers can use Ivy to process and store sensitive data with the confidence that the environment is secure and meets HIPAA requirements.

Learn more - School of Medicine Research Computing


Rivanna provides a high-performance computing environment for all user levels. A majority of Rivanna’s nodes are Cray Cluster Solutions nodes connected by FDR (fourteen data rate) Infiniband, but there are also two nodes with NVIDIA Kepler K20 GPUs, several nodes with QDR (quad data rate) Infiniband, and quite a few older nodes connected with gigabit ethernet.

All nodes share a Lustre filesystem for temporary storage called /scratch with up to 1.4PB of storage space for all users.   Each user is assigned space in /scratch/$USER with a default quota of 10TB of storage. 

Learn more - School of Medicine Research Computing


UVA Box is a cloud-based storage and collaboration service that gives eligible members of the University community the ability to access, store, and share up to 1 TB of non-sensitive/moderately sensitive University files securely—anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Read more - Information Technology Services

Health System Secure Cloud Storage

The UVA Health System's Information Technology (HIT) offers Secure Cloud Storage (SCS) to store, sync, and share data files for UVa Health System employees. The SCS solution consists of two distinct components that work together:

  • Dropbox provides the actual cloud storage space for your data and file sharing.
  • Sookasa is an integrated secure enhancement that is accessed as a folder within your Dropbox Account. Sookasa is a HIPAA-compliant and specifically designed for the storage of sensitive data such as Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Contact UVA Health Health Information Technology for more information

UVA Hive

Access licensed specialized software virtually via the UVA Hive from your personal computer. The Hive can save you money (fewer software license purchases) and time (no need to wait to use a public computer to access an application).

Visit the UVA Hive website from ITS

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