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Gene Databases

GenBank (NCBI) – a fully annotated, public database of DNA sequences. GenBank is part of an international network of genetic databases that updates and exchanges their data daily.

Ensembl – a genomic database that provides researchers with access to annotated genomes mostly of vertebrate species. Annotations are available at the genome, gene, and protein levels. Additionally, the genome browser provides further information like the effects of sequence variation on protein.

Gene Expression Omnibus (NCBI) – a public repository for genomics data. The repository supports array and sequence-based data. It also provides tools for users to download experiments as well as make gene expression profiles.

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) – a comprehensive database of myriad human genes and genetic phenotypes. The database is constantly updated and includes information on all mendelian disorders as well as information on 15,000+ genes and counting.


Enzyme Database

BRENDA – a comprehensive database of enzymes and their functions. The information provided in the database is extracted directly from primary literature and is constantly updated.


SNP Database

dpSNP – a database that grants users access to information on the genetic variance within and across different species. The database includes a multitude of different variations including SNPs, short deletion and insertion polymorphisms, short tandem repeats (STRs), multinucleotide polymorphisms (MNPs), etc.


Protein Databases

Protein Data Bank (PDB) – provides information about proteins, nucleic acids, and other biological structures geared to students and researchers in biomedicine and agriculture. The database includes 3-D structures typically obtained usual X-ray crystallography or NMR spectroscopy.

UniProt – a catalog of information on everything related to proteins. The data is collected from a variety of sources like genome sequencing projects and research literature.

Plasmid Repositories

Addgene – a plasmid repository that allows scientists to share plasmids across the research community. 


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