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Sciwheel (formerly known as F1000Workspace)

Getting Started with Sciwheel

If you would like to choose Sciwheel as your citation manager, access to Sciwheel is provided free to UVA Faculty, students and staff via the Library's subscription.

Getting Started with Sciwheel

  • Access Sciwheel site while on Grounds, though this UVA proxied link, or via the UVA VPN
  • Click on Create Free Account Now and use your UVA email to sign up for an account
  • Once in Sciwheel, at the top, under Tools, you will see links to add:
    • Chrome or Firefox extension - this tool allows you to grab references from within your browser (e.g. while viewing PubMed results) 
    • Word plugin 
    • Google Docs add-on

You can also install the mobile app for Android and iPhone.

Using Sciwheel from off-Grounds

  • When using Sciwheel off Grounds, you can add UVA's proxy address into your settings to enable you to retrieve UVA full text subscriptions.
    1. Sign in to Sciwheel and click on your initials in the upper right, then click on Account
    2. Click on Proxy settings from the left menu
    3. Under Proxy URL *, copy and paste this text:
    4. Click on Save


If you cannot access SciWheel or get error messages, check below to see if one of these steps can help:

  1. If you get an "account expired" message:
    1. If you have been using SciWheel from off-Grounds for more than 60 days (called off-campus roaming by SciWheel) you will need to "reset" the off-campus roaming counter. You can do this by:
      1. Using your laptop and SciWheel while physically on Grounds
      2. Accessing your SciWheel account while using the UVA VPN
      3. Accessing your SciWheel account through the UVA SciWheel link 
    2. If unable to resume normal access, email Sciwheel support or use the Sciwheel chat icon while in SciWheel F1000Workspace Support Message/Chat Button

Sciwheel Tutorials and Support

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