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R Guides and Tutorials

Learn more R: our recommended sites for adding R skills and getting help

Guides and Cheat Sheets

RStudio's cheat sheets

R 4 Data Science: a free e-book with excellent, engaging exercises

Online Lessons and Tutorials

RStudio Primers: Engaging online lessons to teach you introductory R skills

"Data wrangling, exploration, and analysis with R" course material by Jenny Bryan for Stat 545: An excellent resource for learning R, dplyr, and ggplot2

In-Person Workshops

Completed our Introduction to R class? Enroll in another HSL R workshop!! The next ones for you to keep an eye out for are "Data Preparation" and "Data Visualization".

SPSS Guides and Tutorials

Learn SPSS: in addition to our live workshop, there are many excellent online resources for learning SPSS:

SPSS Resources from UCLA's Institute for Digital Research and Education's Statistical Consulting Group. Includes resources like:

  • SPSS Learning Modules (UCLA) - excellent guide, broken into sections like Fundamentals and Basic Data Management
  • SPSS Class Notes (UCLA) - "This class is designed for people who are just starting to use SPSS. The class notes are the scripts for the class. The SPSS class notes do not contain any of the computer output. The class notes are not meant to be an SPSS textbook or a reference manual. However, it is possible for individuals to use the class notes to help them learn SPSS even if they don’t enroll in the class"

SPSS Statistics Essential Training - in the library's LinkedIn Learning account

Introduction to SPSS (2014) (UVA Research Data Services) posted materials from a previous workshop 

Virgo (the University's Library Catalog): perform a search for SPSS and review the Books: there are a number of online titles that may be helpful such as SPSS Statistics for Dummies, Using SPSS Syntax: A Beginner's Guide, Introductory Statistics for Health and Nursing Using SPSS and many more.  

Excel Training Resources

Excel and other Microsoft courses and manuals are available through these UVA subscriptions: 

Our "Excel Bites" are a series of short, bite-sized lessons on Excel basics. Designed for beginners, they provide an overview of basic Excel functions that may be useful for your work. A step-by-step handout and practice Excel file are located below.

Excel Bites Basic Navigation Video (24 min) Jan 2021

Note we are investigating how to do "Ctrl + Home" to get to the first visible cell on a Mac. It appears that pushing Ctrl, then Fn, then left arrow, may work?

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