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How do I set up Automatic Claiming in Symplectic Elements?



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How do I set up Automatic Claiming in Symplectic Elements?

Answer: Symplectic Elements allows you to set up "claiming" of your publications automatically, based on email addresses and/or matches in researcher identifier systems (e.g. ORCID). Any publications that are claimed automatically appear under the faculty member's profile.

Step by Step: 

1. Log in to using your Netbadge ID and password.

2. If you are faculty, you will now be logged into your profile: skip to Step 5. If you are delegated in Symplectic Elements to work on a faculty record, click on the Impersonate Another User button at the top of the screen.

3. Choose your department from the Member of group list:

4. A list of faculty will appear at the bottom of the page. Click on a name to proceed to their Profile page.

5. Click on Menu, then Automatic Claiming.


6.Typically, you will see these suggestions: ORCID, Dimensions ID, ResearcherID, all, or neither.

a. For each suggestion, you will need to investigate if the identifier matches the faculty member by clicking on the ID number(s):

b. From the resulting page, determine if the individual listed is a match to your faculty member. You may need to Google the individual to see if it matches the right person.

i. If this is a match to your faculty member, return to the Automatic publication claiming page and click Yes.

ii. If you are not sure (see below: here there is not enough information available to decide), click Ignore.

iii. If it is not a match (see example below), click No.

Some names may have multiple suggestions. Check each one for a match. WHEN IN DOUBT, CLICK IGNORE!!

Need help? Don't hesitate - email Health Sciences Library Research & Data Services at We are here to assist you!


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