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How do I manually add a publication to my Symplectic Elements UVA Faculty Profile?




Most of your publications will appear as "Pending" in the UVa Faculty Profiles System because of your author Search Settings and can be added to your profile by "Claiming". Occasionally, a publication does not appear in the Pending feed, and can be added to your Profile through the steps below.

Step by Step

1. Log in to using your Netbadge ID and password.

2. If you are an administrative assistant working for a faculty member, click on Impersonate Another User.

3. From the home page, scroll down to My Summary and click on the + add link next to your publications:


4. Click on journal article from the menu. NOTE: we do not recommend using this system to collect other publication types.

5. You will now be on the Add journal article window. If you have the Title or the DOI for the article, enter it into the field below and click Search. (The DOI is an identifying number for online articles. It can sometimes be found in the PubMed record, or from the journal’s web page).

6. If the system is able to find the publication, it will appear below the DOI search box.  Use the Claim button to add the article to your publication list.

7. If the system is not able to find the publication information through the Title or DOI, you can either manually add the citation (see Step 12), or use the PubMed ID (PMID) to retrieve the information. Follow the steps below if you have a PMID:

8. Return to the home page and click on Menu, then Search Settings at the top of the page.

9. Scroll down to the section for Specific Article IDs.

a. In the Article ID field, enter the PubMed ID number (PMID) (note, this is not the same as the PMCID).
b. Choose PubMed from the Online database drop-down.
c.  Click on the plus symbol to the right.

10. Important: click on the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

11. The next time the system harvests publications (approximately every 15 minutes) the Claim Publications button will appear under My Actions on your Home page.

12. If your publication cannot be found through a DOI or PMID search, you can add it manually to the Profiles system. Start with Step 5 and enter the article's title into the box and click Search.

13. The system will return a list of matching articles in the Elements system already (perhaps via a co-author), or not in Elements (found via database searching). If you see your publication, click on the Claim button to the right of the citation. If none of the publications match, use the Go to next step link at the bottom of the page.

14. The Add journal article page will appear. Fill in the required fields and any additional information you would like to provide, and click on the Save button.


Additional assistance is available to UVA Health System faculty, staff, and students. Just Ask Us- we are happy to provide help via email, phone, or in-person.
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