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How do I claim or reject pending publications in my Symplectic Elements UVA Faculty Profile?




Your UVa Faculty Profile in the Symplectic Elements system collects citation information from PubMed, Web of Science, and other search engines that match your Search Settings (typically Author Name and Institution). These will be placed in the ‘Pending’ section of your publications to await your approval.

Step by Step

1. Log in to using your Netbadge ID and password.

2. If you are an administrative assistant with UVA Profiles privileges for your Department, click on the Impersonate button at the very top of your screen. You should see a list of your faculty. Click on the name to view their profile and publications.

3. You will now be on the Home page of the faculty profile.

4. To view and claim or reject the pending publications, click on the 'Claim publications' button in the middle of the screen. If you don't see this message, there are no new publications waiting for you to claim or reject. NOTE: if there are hundreds or thousands of pending publications, we highly recommend contacting us so we can review your search settings before proceeding, or you can consult this guide on how to edit your name-based search settings in Symplectic Elements.

5. Review each publication in your list. You can click on the title of the publication to see the full record. On this full screen you can 1) click on the rotunda symbol to get more author information:

or, 2) you can click on the Author URL to get to the database (e.g. PubMed), or the DOI to get to the full article:

6. Once you have reviewed the publication and determined whether it is yours or not, click back to return to the publications page.

7. You can claim or reject one by one, or by using the checkboxes to claim or reject in batches. See below :
Click on the Claim as mine or Reject (Not mine) buttons for each publication:

Use the checkboxes to claim or reject in batches:

8. Pro tip: You can use the Filters box at the right to help create a subset of your publications to easily review and claim or reject. For example, if you frequently publish in surgery journals, you can put a root such as surg in the Journal box. If you see many publications that aren't yours in another field, e.g. physics, you can add the root phys to the Journal box. This will display a subset of your publications making it easier to browse and claim/reject in batches, using the checkboxes:

9. If you are missing publications, or have too many, you may need to change your search settings. See this guide on how to edit your name-based search settings in Symplectic Elements.


Additional assistance is available to UVA Health System faculty, staff, and students. Just Ask Us- we are happy to provide help via email, phone, or in-person.
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