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How do you measure scholarly output in today's Web environment?  Should you count views and downloads of your online articles as impact? Is the online attention to your work through tweets and blog postings important?

These questions, and others like it, are the source of much debate in today's publishing world.  

While we don't have all the answers, we've assembled a guide of useful resources on metrics and "altmetrics" including: 

  • articles
  • tools to track metrics and altmetrics
  • presentations and webinars
  • Twitter contributors to follow (scholars, vendors, etc)
  • items of interest to librarians

Use the tabs above to find more information on each of the areas above.

We hope this information helps you navigate the ever-changing landscape of altmetrics. For more information, or suggested content, contact:

Kimberley Barker

University of Virginia Claude Moore Health Sciences Library


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