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Library's new website goes live January 2nd!

by Kimberley Barker on 2018-12-18T15:32:58-05:00 | Comments

For the past year, a team of Library employees has worked toward the creation of the Library’s new website. On January 2nd,  the new website will go live, though you, our Library users, have the opportunity to both preview the site and to offer feedback before that date.

When considering security threats, use statistics, and conversations with users about how they use the Library website, the need for a complete redesign became clear. Over the past year, the members of the Web Steering Committee (Anson Parker, David Moody, Abbey Heflin, Marieke Jones, and Kimberley R. Barker) chose LibGuides as the new hosting platform for the website, and relied on University of Virginia branding guidelines, Health System branding guidelines, Americans with Disabilities guidelines, and use statistics from the current website to inform the new website’s design. The committee has recently completed its work, and is eager to hear what you think.

On December 2nd  (in advance of the January 2nd go-live date), users were given the opportunity to preview the new website and to offer feedback via a link on the Library’s homepage: hsl.virginia.edu. We are also offered the opportunity to give us feedback in person on the following dates: 

November 6th, from 11:00 AM- 2:00 PM, members of the Web Steering Committee were in the Link (in front of the Library). For five minutes of your time, testers were entered into a drawing to win a coffee card.

November 6th-16th- during this week, users were encouraged to pick a time convenient for them in order to meet with a member of the Web Steering Committee who received your feedback.

On December 11th, a banner announcing that the beta was available was posted for a second time on the Library’s current website, with a link to the new website.

December 18th saw a second announcement of the new website on our social media (and other) platforms.

On January 1st, the Library will once again promote the new website’s go-live date through social media, a homepage banner, and a hallway sign.

Finally, though the new website will officially replace our old one on January 2nd, the committee remains genuinely interested in your thoughts and feedback, and would appreciate hearing from you! They will give Library users a face-to-face opportunity January 2nd - January 4th (11 pm - 2 pm), when members of the Web Steering Committee will be available outside of the Library to answer questions and gather your feedback.

If you have questions or would like to set up a time to meet, please email David Moody (damu8@virginia.edu)

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