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Remote Access

The University of Virginia limits access to certain electronic resources such as online journals and databases to affiliates of the University of Virginia as a condition required by the license agreements signed with vendors. Access to these resources is generally restricted to IP address (electronic computer addresses within the physical confines of the University). Access to these resources from outside the University's IP range is managed and governed by University Information Technology Services (ITS) policies.

Faculty, Staff and Students

The University's whois database serves as the source record of those individuals who are authorized to have remote access to library electronic resources. This includes University of Virginia faculty, staff, and students, and staff of the University of Virginia Health System.

Remote access occurs through configuration and use of ITS's methods for remote access, including the proxy server, UVA Anywhere, or UVA Anywhere Lite. See the Library's Connect From Home page for instructions.

The Health System VPN provides remote access for some, but not all journals and databases. Use one of the above methods for full access to UVa Library resources from off-Grounds.

Non-Paid and Adjunct Faculty

Individuals who have an ongoing non-paid or adjunct appointment with the School of Medicine or the School of Nursing may request to have remote access to electronic resources. Access to licensed resources is always available at the Health Sciences Library.

Host departments for non-paid and adjunct faculty must complete several steps to enable remote access for these individuals:

  • Obtain approval for the appointment through their respective Dean's Office.
  • Confirm the appointment has been made and personnel information added to Oracle.
  • Contact ITS Accounts to request creation of a proxy account. In doing so, the department acknowledges that the individual requesting access has an official relationship with the University.

To create the account, send an email to accounts@virginia.edu to request that the individual be added to whois for remote access to library resources. The following must be included:

  • Full name of the individual requesting access
  • Whether the request is for an email account, a proxy account (to access library resources), or both
  • Faculty sponsor (if other than the department head)
  • A statement that the department ensures on the behalf of the individual that all use of the University's computing and electronic resources will be conducted in a responsible manner
  • Accounts will be valid for one year, beginning with the date of the request but not to exceed the appointment period. The account will have to be renewed by request from the department at the end of one year.

    Additional questions can be sent to accounts@virginia.edu.

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