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2013 Research Data & Technology Fair



Exhibits will be held from 10:15 am to 11:15 am, Friday October 25 in the Jordan Hall Conference Center, Rooms 2A, 2B, 2C (2nd floor).  

Visit with representatives of UVa's research and data support services over coffee and refreshments to learn more about UVa's services to support your research, including statistical consulting services, bioinformatics services, technology-enhanced learning and meeting spaces, and more.




Claude Moore HSL Research & Data Services

The Health Sciences Library's Research & Data Services' Research Navigator helps find tools, software, services, tutorials and experts to support data research.

Andrea Denton
Inhye Son
Mike Wilson

SOM Bioinformatics Core

The UVa SOM Bioinformatics Core is a centralized shared resource for bioinformatics consulting and data analysis. The core's mission is to help researchers publish their work and obtain new funding through service and training.

Stephen Turner, PhD


The UVa BioConnector provides links to bionformatics personnel, tools and spaces. Services include a web portal for access to a suite of informatics tools, clinical data management resources, genomics tutorials, and a technology-enabled collaborative workspace.

Bart Ragon
Jeremy Bartczak

Division of Biomedical Informatics

The Division of Biomedical Informatics in the Department of Public Health Sciences conducts original research and teaching to advance the field of health informatics, and provides key collaborations, consultations and services in informatics to support the academic, research and healthcare missions of the School of Medicine and the University of Virginia Health System.

James Harrison, MD, PhD

Technology at the School of Medicine

The Office of Technology at the School of Medicine, in partnership with the University Physicians Group IT office, provides full support in many growing areas of higher education and health care technology: Technology Support, Business Process Analysis and Redesign, Application Management and Development, Data Management, Project Management and Change Control, Digital Communications, and  Security as a Service (SECaaS).

Jonathon Neel
Ray Nedzel
Cathy Derecki

Library Research Data Services

UVa Library’s Research Data Services is dedicated to the collaborative collection, management, use, and preservation of data across the research lifecycle. Research Data Services offers coordinated support services and expertise for data-intensive research and teaching – including consultations and training on data analysis and statistical techniques, GIS technologies, data management planning, data sharing and archiving, data discovery and access, and the use of digital technologies to create and capture data.

Michele Claibourn, PhD
Clay FordA
Andrew SallansA
Summer Durrant

Scholar’s Lab

Geographic Information Systems and Data Services
The GIS specialists in the Scholars' Lab provide assistance in finding, converting, creating, and accessing spatial data and support several GIS desktop suites and open source tools for GIS data manipulation and analysis. Additionally, we provide educational support to the University by teaching classes, leading workshops, and hosting speakers in the Scholars' Lab. We're happy to consult with faculty and students on mapping and spatial analysis projects.

Neatline, a geotemporal exhibit-builder developed by the Scholars' Lab, allows scholars, students, and curators to tell stories with maps and timelines. As a suite of add-on tools for Omeka, it opens new possibilities for hand-crafted, interactive spatial and temporal interpretation, allowing you to create rich representations of places, objects, events, narratives, and documents.

Ronda Grizzle
Chris Gist

Libra - UVa's Institutional Repository

Libra is the University of Virginia’s institutional repository, the online archive of scholarship created by the university community.  Libra makes publications available to the world and provides safe and secure storage for the scholarly output of the U.Va. community.

Anne Houston
Ellen Ramsey


OpenGrounds generates new ideas that will make a difference, connecting people and inspiring action across boundaries within and beyond the University. With programs that connect diverse individuals and groups in physical places and global networks, OpenGrounds builds creative, collaborative partnerships between individuals and institutions to generate innovative solutions for critical societal needs.

Lindsey Hepler 

Insight Lab: Building and Using Tools to "See"

The Insight Lab is a visualization, simulation, and research technology lab, collaboration space, and teaching space for innovative experiments and new applications of digital media and information technology. The Lab works with faculty and students across a wide range of disciplines to use computation and information tools to design, analyze, and create.  Technology for problem-solving.  Technology for Insight.

Eric Field

UVa Box

UVa Box provides you 50 Gigabytes of online file storage “in the cloud”—accessible from anywhere, on any device, at no cost to you. Use UVa Box to back up your files, access them on the go, and share documents or collaborate with others—even people outside the University!  

Dave Strite
Keith Donnelly


The University of Virginia Alliance for Computational Science and Engineering (UVACSE) serves researchers through education, consultation, and the management of shared compute resources.

The UVACSE goals are to: assist UVA researchers by offering consultations (Tiger Teams), serve as a resource for advanced computing, and foster a multi-disciplinary ethos.

Gina Corell, PhD
Jackie Huband, PhD


SHANTI is a faculty-lead center promoting a culture of innovation and excellence in humanities, sciences and arts within the academic life of the University of Virginia. SHANTI believes information technology offers uniquely powerful tools to facilitate such innovation and excellence in research, learning, publication, and community engagement.

John Alexander
Rafael Alvarado

jMetrik - open source psychometric software

jMetrik is an open source software tool for conducting psychometric and statistical analysis. It features an integrated database a user-friendly interface. Users can efficiently manage data and conduct an analysis using a variety of methods such as item response theory, scale linking, and test equating.

Patrick Meyer, PhD
Catherine Bradshaw, PhD, MEd


The National Library of Medicine provides free, authoritative information for health care professionals, patients, and families. Through a regional network of resource libraries, we provide access to information, training on information resources, and access to a network of health information resource centers.

Andrew Youngkin

UVa Information Security, Policy, and Records Office (ISPRO)

Information Security and Records Management at UVa. We work in partnership with units and individuals across the University to ensure compliance with all information security and records management administrative, audit, legal, policies and regulations of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the University. We also provide security education and training, implement security safeguards, track security incidents and assist with IT-abuse issues,  and help units and individuals develop mission continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Tim F. J. Tolson, PhD

For more information contact Andrea Denton, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, at

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