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Libra (UVA's Institutional Repository)

What is Libra?

Libra is UVA's institutional repository, the online archive of scholarship created by the University community. It has three components:

  • LibraOpen, a repository of scholarly articles, books, and other creative works
  • LibraData, a Dataverse repository of datasets, software, protocols, and other research products
  • LibraETD, the archive of UVA theses and dissertations

Items you might consider depositing in Libra include the datasets accompany journal articles you are publishing (Libra provides a DOI you can link in your article), the author's accepted version of your journal article which is being published in a subscription journal, academic posters, presentations, or other multimedia. Using Libra is a great way to preserve your work and ensure access for the future.


See our guide to the NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy for information on using LibraData in your DMSP.

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