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Research Concierge

Research Concierge

About the Service

The Research Concierge Services is a resource provided by iTHRIV at no cost to research teams and easily accessible through the iTHRIV portal. These services are available through a centralized point of contact, which offers guidance and support to clinical and translational researchers at various stages of their projects and helps them navigate the complex landscape of research. Personalized assistance is provided by connecting research team members with the relevant resources, expertise, and tools necessary to advance their work.

Key features of iTHRIV Research Concierge Services include:

  • Expert guidance on feasibility assessments, research proposal development, research design, methodologies, data analysis, and other critical aspects.
  • Help researchers identify and access the appropriate resources needed for their specific projects. This includes facilitating access to specialized equipment, core facilities, databases, and funding opportunities.
  • Collaboration is an integral part of translational research. iTHRIV actively promotes and facilitates collaboration among researchers, connecting them with potential collaborators both within and outside their institutions.
  • Educational resources and training programs to support researchers in acquiring new skills, staying updated with emerging trends, and complying with ethical and regulatory requirements.
  • Research processes often involve numerous administrative and regulatory steps. The Research Concierge Services assist researchers in navigating these processes efficiently, providing guidance on institutional policies, grant submissions, funding sources, budget and billing, regulatory compliance, and other administrative procedures.

Overall, iTHRIV Research Concierge Services aim to facilitate and optimize the research experience for investigators, enabling them to focus on their scientific goals. The iTHRIV Research Concierge Services are available to connect UVA investigators with clinical and translational research services across Grounds.  They can also help research teams understand and utilize UVA systems that support research operations, including:

  • TriNetX
  • OnCore
  • CRConnect
  • Protocol Builder
  • Data capture tools (eCRF options)
  • Data science and analytics tools

Requesting Assistance

Visit the iTHRIV Research Concierge Portal and request a consult using the "Request Consult" under help menu once you are logged in.

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