A highlight of the many library services available to UVa clinicians.

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Have questions? Please reach out using the "Ask Us" link or by emailing your librarian, Kate Joshua, directly. 

You might ask...

  • How do I find the answer to a clinical question? Check out our point-of-care tools. On the left hand side, click "Resources & Tools" to see a list. If you get stuck, please email me
  • How do I search the literature? Email me for individualized support.
  • Can you help me with data? Visit our data services website to learn more.
  • Which citation manager should I use? Fill out a consult form and we'll help find the right fit for you.
  • I don't know where to start. Help?! We understand! Take a step in the right direction by filling out the consult form and we'll reach out to you.

Library Services

Literature Searching: We help with searches so you can focus on patients. Want to learn new search tips? Group and/or one-on-one instruction is also available.

Evidence Based Medicine: We'll help you formulate questions, appraise articles, update protocols, and find/use POC tools. 

Data @ HSL: Get individualized help with data! Workshops available for all levels of learners.

Systematic Reviews: Let us help with building search strategies and staying organized.

Reputation Management: Ever wonder what people are saying about you online? Schedule a consult to learn more about managing your online presence and how other people see you online.

Articles: You're looking for them, and we have them! Get help locating full-text. 

Citation Management: We'll get you started so you can keep track of your citations.

Publishing/Writing:  We'll share our tricks for finding the right journal, staying copyright compliant, and visualizing your impact.

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