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Information Mastery: Applying EBM Principles at the Point-of-Care



The point of Information Mastery is to ensure that doctors look up reliable information at the point-of-care and practice the best possible medicine.

The Information Mastery skills introduced in this guide are designed to:

  • reduce guessing
  • reduce the over-reliance on marketing or experts 
  • reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed at memorizing everything 

As you can see from this DynaMed Infographic below from 2016 - there is no way a clinician can look up every clinical question and perform critical appraisal real-time.  The flow of patients, questions, and new information needed for informed decision making is like a tidal wave.

The techniques and processes outlined in this guide will provide a tried and true methodology for efficiently finding relevant and valid information at the point-of-care. 


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