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Our Services

The Research & Data Services team guides researchers, clinicians, and students in data management and sharing, cleaning and preparation, analysis and visualizations using R, Python, GraphPad Prism, Excel, SPSS, Stata, and SAS.

Our services:

  • individual consultations
  • open-enrollment workshops
  • customized group training (i.e. labs, departments, cohorts)

Examples of questions we can assist you with include:

  • How do I create a publication-ready plot?
  • How do I clean my data to ready it for analysis?
  • What type of data analysis/statistics do I need to do?
  • Where do I find a dataset on my topic?
  • How do I write a data management plan?


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About Us

Our Team

Our data and statistics experts include Clinical Data Research Specialist David Martin, PhD and Research Data Specialist Brenna Kent, MS. David and Brenna provide expertise in data cleaning, preparation, analysis and visualization.

Our team also provides support for data management and sharing through the expertise of Manager Andrea Denton, MILS, and Research Data and Scholarly Communications librarian Lucy Carr Jones, MSIS. Andrea and Lucy advise on creating data management plans and the practices around research data sharing in public repositories.

Our Work

Recognition of our contributions to research efforts is essential to ensure continued and availability of our services at UVA Health. Please consider acknowledging us in publications or presentations resulting from our support. See a selection of our publications.

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