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Printing at the Health Sciences Library

Printing and copying in the library is managed by University Printing and Copying Services (PCS).

Printer Locations at the Health Sciences Library

Printers are located on the second floor (main level) of the library. There are two, including a color printer, in the lobby, and one in the 24 hour space.

Printing Charges

8.5” x 11” B&W prints or copies cost $0.08/page, 8.5” x 11” Color copies cost 0.60/page. Color copies can only be printed at the color printer located in the lobby.

Paying for Printing

Funds may be placed on your UVA ID for printing through Cavalier Advantage. For information on how to set up your account, make a deposit to your account, or general questions please visit the Cavalier Advantage FAQ page. Guests or visitors without an official University ID card have the option to purchase a Cavalier Advantage generic card in the lobby. Purchasing a card requires $5. The machine dispenses a card with a value of $3 (the card itself costs $2). Once the card is purchased, additional funds may be added at any time.

Instructions for Public Printing

Print via USB:

  • At the Print Kiosk, select the print function USB and insert your payment card.
  • Insert USB into the Kiosk’s USB port
  • Select the document you want to print
  • Select the print option
  • Review pricing and approve printing

Print via email:

  • Email your files to hoosprinting@printme.com.  You will receive a reply with a unique print number.
  • At the Print Kiosk, select print function – PrintMe and insert you payment card.  Enter your unique print number.
  • Select the document
  • Select the print option
  • Review pricing and approve printing

Print via app:

  • The free EFI PrintMe App lets you print from you iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to any of the PCS Self-Service Devices on Grounds using a barcode or numeric code that is sent directly to your mobile devise.  Establishing a free account is quick and easy, only an email address and password (that you create) are required to create an account.  With the EFI PrintMe App you can send documents from within the application you are using, as well as manage the documents already uploaded to the PrintMe Cloud.

Document Uploading

  • Upload documents form email or other programs via “Open With” iOS and “Export” Android functionality by sending them to hoosprinting@printme.com.
  • Transfer files from cloud storage apps such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive.
  • Supported documents include text files, PDF, image files, (PICT, BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF), web pages (HTML), and Microsoft Office files (XLS/XLSX, DOC/DOCX, PPT/PPTX).

Need help?

If you experience issues with printing or your print job, please visit the library Service Desk for assistance.

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