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Health Literacy

Culture, Communication, and Ethics in Healthcare

Tools (Quick Help)

Tools (Quick Help)

Newest Vital Sign

Tool for assessment of health literacy English and Spanish. Can be used to teach how to read food nutrition labels - literacy and numeracy

Personal Medicine List (English)

Medication card tool to help patients make a list of home medications and other health information(English). Also available in Spanish

Personal Medicine List (Spanish)

Tool to help patients make a list of home medications and other health information(Spanish)

Picture/letter speech chart Alternative form of communication for patients who are cognitively intact and are able to point
Quick Identification of Adults with Limited Health Literacy

This POEM describes three useful single-item questions for identifying limited literacy in the busy office setting:   (1) "Do you usually ask someone to help you read materials you receive from the hospital?" (2) "How confident are you filling out medical forms by yourself?"  and (3) "How would you rate your ability to read?"

Resources to Address Patient and Family Needs/Resource Card (link currently under construction)

Overview of UVA resources for services, concerns, clinical issues, and other needs to meet the unique care and communication needs of patients and families

Russian/English Phrase Chart To help with communication with patients who speak Russian
Spanish/English phrase chart To help with communication with patients who speak Spanish. Patients can point to words/pictures for symptoms, pain, comfort.
Teach-back method - AHRQ Tool #5

Teach-back (or teachback) is the preferred method of confirming whether someone understands the information, skills, or knowledge that they have just been taught.

See also: UVA Health Literacy Workgroup's 2016 video, "Teach-back to the Future" for tips and tricks using teach-back.

UVA hospital TV guide -- see hospital handbook Includes information for channels that may include educational topics.
UVA Guidelines for the Development of Patient and Family Education Materials -- see health system intranet, Patient Education Repository home page Information to use when creating handouts for patients and families. Includes draft copyright permission form.
UVa Spanish Toolkit

UVa Spanish Language Toolkit has simple medical conversational Spanish phrases with pronounciation guide. Can be used to supplement Interpreter to provide comfort and basic communication with patients and families.

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