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Classroom Checks

Classroom Checks

Below are the necessary steps for using a classroom computer in the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library.

Note to HEALTH SYSTEM EMPLOYEES and STUDENTS: Your Health System login credentials will NOT work on library computers. 

All library users will need an E-Services login. This is University Computing Policy and not something we chose or can change. Follow the steps below to ensure that you are able to login to our computers quickly and in time for your class, exam, or important meeting:

  1. Visit this page to test whether your E-Services login works:

    (hint-- it will display as a popup that looks like this image below
  2. If it does not work, visit this page to reset your E-Services login:
  3. If you run into problems, call UVA Accounts at 434-924-0817. Tell them specifically that you need to change your E-Services password. If you mention you are on the health system side they may erroneously think you want to change your health system password, which they can't do, so you need to be sure to specifically say your E-Services password. (Yes UVA Computing Policy is a byzantine labyrinth of too many passwords, but it can be successfully navigated with a bit of determination and the right directions!)
  4. Please arrive at least ten minutes before your class, exam, or important meeting is scheduled to begin. Our IT team endeavors to provide prompt technical assistance when necessary between the hours of 8am and 4pm M-F, but are not always immediately available. Giving yourself a buffer when possible is the best way to ensure that you are logged on and ready for the beginning of your class, exam, or important meeting. 

** Attention Examiners **

Exam policy

The library does not recommend patrons use our classroom computers for exam purposes:

  1. Due to library IT staff limitations, an IT team member cannot be present to support your exam event; therefore, a computer malfunction could fail your exam event.
  2. Because most exam standards require backup computers, which the library cannot supply.
  3. To help prevent any issues on the day of the exam, it is required for you to come by and test the exam software a week before your testing.
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