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Managing libcal

by Anson Parker on 2023-07-05T16:57:03-04:00 | 0 Comments

In this tutorial, we will walk you through how to effectively manage the LibCal interface for your room reservation system. We'll cover essential features such as space administration, editing locations and spaces, managing calendars, and exploring email settings. Let's get started!

Managing Spaces and Locations:

  • Access the LibCal interface through the Space Admin page using your URL.
  • Navigate to the Spaces and Equipment section.
  • Select "Edit location" to modify the settings of your spaces.
  • Edit space details, directions, and other relevant information.
  • Use the "Status" option to make a space inactive, hiding it from the public view.
  • Manage calendars and exceptions within the "Billing Date" section.
  • Set custom time settings or specify closures on specific dates.

Managing Spaces and Categories:

  • Explore the Spaces and Categories section.
  • Utilize bulk editing options for facets if necessary.

Exploring Email Settings:

  • Access the Settings page.
  • Navigate to the email settings section.
  • Configure email notifications that can be sent from the system.
  • Add content and references for future use.


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