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Building out an open source inventory system on AWS with snipe-it

by Anson Parker on 2020-02-03T14:18:00-05:00 in Multidisciplinary | 0 Comments

We decided to use for our current inventory system.  After some minimal configuration we standardized our process.

Features -

  • Labeling so that service desk can report which machine is having an issue -  QR code generation etc...
  • Surplus management - when machines get sent to UVa surplus having their data in the system makes the process simpler - ETF management is in the system - at any time we can print a list of all ETF equipment by location.
  • Ability to check out equipment to staff - We wanted to add more flexibility in our equipment checkout policies.  By keeping a record on hand of where equipment is we make more equipment available to more faculty and staff in a more timely fashion.
  • Web-based - previous inventory systems have existed that only worked on a single computer - we didn't want a local solution bound to local hardware or management
  • Warranty management - at-a-glance read-outs for warranty information.  
  • Depreciation calculations - built-in depreciation tables for predicting futures
  • Low cost - hosting on amazon lightsail.  Backups are available from aws, software stack is industry standard.   

Items in the system

  • Labs and classroom computers (and used the built in labeling system plus a dymo-450 label maker)
  • Faculty & Staff Equipment - we track all computers, ipads, cameras etc... monitors & telephone mac addresses are coming during the annual in-service
  • Printers - tracked by IP - since we are an all HP shop we also use their proprietary web management tool - located downstairs in the tech offices
  • Items labeled to include all stationary and ETF items
  • Mobile items may or may not be labeled - depending on the preference of the user.  This is to accommodate for the fact that many mobile devices operate under non-ideal circumstances, and the label tags may not be durable enough.  Devices outside of the library are also intended to be in the inventory system in a "checked out" format as per our documentation

If you're logged in to the system you can see our FAQs for managing the system here

Other inventory systems in place / available

  • JAMF - great system for mac products
  • SCCM - manages many of our 
  • KACE - may have inventory capabilities sufficient for windows and mac machines going forward
  • HP Jet Admin - for managing printers


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