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Web-based interactive ecosystem research and review

by Anson Parker on 2019-12-05T15:30:06-05:00 | Comments

This is a review of web-based interactive programming tools tested in the past month

<tldr>Ended up with JupyterHub's "The littlest jupyterhub" on an aws ec2 ubuntu stack.  It's a quick set up, the chanel is very supportive, and it has a breadth and depth of ecosystem.  Authentication available with shibboleth (not tested... yet).  Setting up various kernels was pretty seamless - tested PHP, R, and Jython,   I really can't get over how cool it is to be able to drop in to the bash shell, execute a command, jump back in to code and keep moving along...Experiencing some pain points because I don't know the container ecosystem well enough...

Things to learn: traefik for managing io traffic between container

</tldr> - very exciting machine learning group that aims to minimize some the following pretty familiar scenarios...

in development

and in design

and go here for a full review 

Polynote - netflix's web based IDE with nice features like autocomplete, and the pretty rad ability to pass data between R, Python and Scala cells all in the same notebook.... 

Google Colab - Provides a 12 hour window on a google machine - you can do some very robust work - is a link to my first notebook working with spatial GIS queries coming along with geojson and geopandas processing


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