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Meggan Cashwell


Areas of Interest: 

I manage Historical Collections & Services, which is dedicated to the preservation and presentation of the history of the health sciences at the University of Virginia and around the world. 


Ph.D. Duke University

M.A. Duke University

B.A. Coastal Carolina University


Co-editor with Randi Flaherty and Loren Moulds, Legal Education at the University of Virginia: A History of People, Place, and Pedagogy, 1819-2022. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press (forthcoming).

Book Review of Hendrik Hartog, The Trouble with Minna: A Case of Slavery & Emancipation in the Antebellum North. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2018. The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society 118, No. 1 (Jan 2020).

Co-author with Roy Talbert Jr., The Antipedo Baptists of Georgetown County, South Carolina, 1710-2010. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 2015.

Co-editor with Roy Talbert Jr., The Journal of Peter Horry, South Carolinian: Recording the New Republic, 1812-1814. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 2012.

Blogs and Articles:

“Part II: The Making of Bobbleheads by The Green Bag," Feb 2022. Blog post for More Us: Blog of the Arthur J. Morris Law Library.

“Part I: The Making of Bobbleheads by The Green Bag," Jan 2022. Blog post for More Us: Blog of the Arthur J. Morris Law Library.

“Fifty Years Later: An Archival Look at the 1971 Virginia Constitution,” Sep 2022. Blog post for More Us: Blog of the Arthur J. Morris Law Library.

“Negotiating Law and Order on Grounds: Faculty Chairmen and the Lives of Enslaved People at UVA,” Feb 2021. Blog post for More Us: Blog of the Arthur J. Morris Law Library.

“Learning the Art of Storytelling through Exhibit Curation,” Nov 2018. Blog post for Versatile Humanists at Duke.

“When the Great War Came to Durham,” Aug 2018. Article for Duke Today.

“Behind the Scenes: Curating Durham During the Great War,Aug 2018. Blog post for the Museum of Durham History.

Public History Initiatives:

Legal Knowledge Podcast, host and executive producer, April 2022. A podcast that chronicles the history of the Law School at the University of Virginia.

100 Years of Coeducation at UVA Law, co-curator, May 2022. Eight banners and a booklet that display a timeline of female history, struggle, and activism at UVA Law. 

Bobbleheads by The Green Bag, co-curator, UVA Law, Dec 2021. Two cases that display and contextualize the UVA Law Library’s collection of Green Bag bobbleheads.

Fifty Years Later: An Archival Look at the 1971 Virginia Constitution, lead curator, UVA Law, Sep 2021. Two exhibit cases that provide a retrospective look at Virginia’s Commission on Constitutional Revision.

The Law and the Landscape, co-curator, UVA Law, Aug 2021. A reader-rail exhibition that chronicles UVA Law’s two-hundred-year history Aug 2021

Slavery and the UVA School of Law, co-curator, UVA Law, Feb 2021. A digital exhibition that examines UVA Law’s historical connections to the institution of slavery.

Remembering Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, co-curator, UVA Law, Nov 2020. Two exhibit cases and a digital StoryMap on the life and legacy of Justice Ginsburg.

Marshaling May Days: UVA Law and the 1970 Student Anti-War Movement, co-curator and oral history team member, UVA Law, Jun 2020. A digital exhibition that tells the story of the Law School’s legal marshals during UVA’s 1970 May Strike.

Black Wall Street, curatorial assistant, Duke University, Oct 2019. Several movable exhibit panels and touchscreens that chronicled the history of Black Wallstreet.

Durham During the Great War, co-curator Museum of Durham History, Aug 2018. Two walls of exhibit panels and three touchscreens that commemorated WWI.

Highlights from The Robert A. Hill Collection, co-curator, Duke University, Sep 2017. An exhibit case in the Rubenstein Library that displayed select artifacts from the collection.

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