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The Claude Moore Health Sciences Library is a leader in the creation, organization, sharing, and preservation of biomedical knowledge. We are committed to supporting the education, research, patient care, and community service missions of the University of Virginia Health System. We are driven by our service ethic. We engage our user communities so that we continuously understand and respond to their changing knowledge needs. We believe that knowledge should be independent of time and location. We challenge ourselves to be innovative and quality-focused. We demonstrate professional values and behaviors.

Guiding Principles

  • As individuals, we are patient, enthusiastic, generous, and inspiring role models. We are respectful, forgiving, and caring. We use flexibility and versatility to serve our patrons and each other.
  • We value, discover, acknowledge, and develop individuals' strengths. We build upon these diverse strengths and utilize them to give our best expertise to our users.
  • We listen carefully, respond respectfully and honestly, and share knowledge early and often.
  • We value the team over individual gain. As collaborative team members we respect each other's contributions. We encourage a forum of diverse ideas, but agree to a unified consensus. We trust that all members of the team will enthusiastically accept ownership of actions and will see these actions to fruition.
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Claude Moore Health Sciences Library
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