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The Research Process

Research begins with developing a research question, which can be the objective of study or a problem to be solved.  For a structured, clinical, approach to developing a research question, use the PICOT model (see link below).  Otherwise, develop your search by identifying keywords and use Boolean Operators (AND and OR) to create your search strategy.  In the planning stage it is also helpful to develop inclusion/exclusion criteria.  These criteria will help you filter out citations not related to your research.

Document your article selection process by using the PRISMA Article Flow Chart (linked below).  The fun begins by documenting the total number of results from all databases in your PRISMA Article Flow Chart.  The box to the right of the first box is used to include articles discovered outside of searching databases, such as grey literature, citations from references, and a Google Scholar search.  Zotero will be used to remove duplicates and screen results.  Download Zotero client and web connector, and then customize Zotero before proceeding to the next step.  (Zotero customization instructions are located below PRISMA Article Flow Diagram.)

Discovery begins by performing your search in the three core databases listed below.  Other specialized databases can also be used. (A list of all databases can be found two boxes below.)  All search results should be exported into Zotero. 

Screen search results by applying inclusion/exclusion criteria in Zotero.

The library provides assistance with designing posters and data collection, but not with writing.  Writing assistance can be found at the UVA Writing Center.

Grey Literature



Other Tools

PRISMA Article Flow Diagram (Advanced)

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