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Library Resources for the School of Nursing

Primary Research Tools

* CITATION MANAGER (Use to file citations and create formatted bibliographies.)

 Download Zotero client and web connector and then customize your Zotero client before proceeding to the next step.  See document below for recommended preferences.  Use Zotero to screen citations and to apply in-text citations and bibliographies.


****************************************** ADVANCED RESEARCH ********************************************

* PRISMA ARTICLE FLOW DIAGRAM (Use for tracking steps of a systematic search)

* RAYYAN (Use to screen large numbers of citations when you are following the PRISMA Article Flow Diagram)
Rayyan is a free systematic review screening tool available at  Zotero works fine as a screening tool for more manageable set of citations.  Covidence is a fee-based systematic review tool that extends the process past screening.  Here is a review that compares Rayyan with Covidence.

* CASP and JOANNA BRIGGS (Use to appraise evidence in articles you are using in your research)

To critically appraise evidence, select relevant templates from CASP and Joanna Briggs.  Sometimes you may need to use both tools if your research combines quantitative and qualitative research.

The tools above are complex and require a steep learning curve.  Please don't hesitate to reach out to me for guidance.


Grey Literature Search (Google search limiting results to .gov, .org, and .edu sites)

Print Books and E-Books

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