Research Resources and Services

Find resources and experts to help you with your data and information needs, whether you are a beginning researcher or an experienced PI.


Partner with an expert searcher. Conduct a systematic review. Quick links: PubMed  | Ovid MedlineWeb of Science | CINAHL

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Funding and Grants

Use funding discovery tools. Manage your ORCIDPMCIDs and My Bibliography.

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Research Methods

Consult with a Research Concierge or data and statistics specialist. Find lab protocols.

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Data Analysis

Find expertssoftware, and computing environments to manage, store, and analyze your research data.

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Citation Management

Choose citation management software; organize your references and format your bibliography.

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Publish and Share

Choose a journal, create a poster, find a repository for your manuscript, supplemental materials, and/or data.

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Publication Metrics

Measure the impact of your scholarship through citation analysis and other methods.

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