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PHS @ The Library

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Public Health Sciences @ the Library

Public Health Sciences @ the Library is a free service staffed by SOM Public Health Sciences statisticians to address introductory statistics and research methods questions.

PHS@Library is available to students (medical, nursing, BIMS), clinical staff (residents, nurses, clinicians), research staff, and iTHRIV partners. 

This service does not reproduce more substantive and comprehensive research collaborations or research methodologies currently available within the Health System. Requests beyond the scope of this service will be referred to other University resources when appropriate.

We are happy to assist you with the following questions:

Basic data collection and management

  • How do I collect and store this data most effectively?
  • How do I encode the data to make it most useful for downstream analysis?
  • What university infrastructure resources are available for me to handle this (SAS, SPSS, GIS, etc.. )
  • How would I design, conduct, and analyze a chart review for about 100 patients?
  • How do I arrange a consultation on clinical database creation and management?

Statistics and analysis

  • How do I calculate what sample size I need?
  • How do I know what statistical test or model is most appropriate with this data?
  • What assumptions must I satisfy to use this test or model appropriately?
  • What software can I use to do this analysis?
  • How do I learn to use this software?
  • How would one interpret these results?


As of March 2020, consultations are available online only.

Contact:Mark Smolkin via email to set up an appointment, or submit a request through the PHS consultation form.

Closed during UVA Academic Division holidays.

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