Biomedical Science

Rigor and Reproducibility in Biomedical Research


Guidelines and Resources


Effective January 25, 2016, NIH has established a formal initiative that requires most NIH and AHRQ research grant applications to comply with the NIH Policy on Rigor and Reproducibility.

For more information, see the official notice:

This guide contains resources and tools that will help biomedical researchers to meet Rigor and Reproducibility Requirements from NIH. 

Science Signaling

Statistics and Computational Analysis Specific for Biologists

Chemical Probes and Biomarkers

Resources for Considering Sex as a Biological Variable


Select a Repository for your Data/Supplemental Materials


Cell Line Authentication

NIH suggests "applicants proposing to use cell lines could describe the method they plan to use to verify the identity and purity of the lines, which might include short tandem repeat (STR) profiling and mycoplasma testing." Below are some resources for writing an authentication plan and procedures for authenticating cell lines.

Guidelines and Resources from Professional Organizations

Literature Review

Specific for Non-Human Cell Lines

Antibody Validation

Checklists and Validation Methods

Resources from Manufacturers

Literature Review

Image Guidelines

The following resources and guidelines are for researchers who acquire images and use software image like Photoshop.

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