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Information For Patrons With Disabilities

Resources for patrons with disabilities

The Health Sciences Library is located on the Link corridor of the Health System between McKim Hall and Pinn Hall.

ADA-Compliant Entrances

Access to the Library is available through the Health System's ADA-compliant entrances (see below). The Health System restricts access to the Hospital West entrance on evenings and weekends. During these times, please use the University Hospital's Main Entrance on Lee Street.

Health System ADA-Compliant Entrances:

  • University Hospital Main Entrance - Lee Street. Ramp access with limited handicap parking available in the 11th Street Parking Garage.
  • Hospital West (also known as the "Old Multi-story Hospital") - Jefferson Park Avenue. Ramp access with limited handicap parking available.

Restrooms and Water Fountains

Wheelchair-accessible water fountains are located near the Computer Lab on the first floor, the main corridor in front of the Library, and in the Cabell Room. There are ADA-compliant restrooms in the library in the Mill area one floor down from the main entrance (accessible by elevator) and in the Cabell Room (accessible by elevator--please ask a staff member for assistance with the elevator). There is also an ADA-compliant restroom in the hallway just outside the main entrance to the library.

Paging Telephones

Wheelchair-accessible page phones are located in front of the Library in the main corridor and near the restrooms on the first floor of the Library.


The main elevator to the left of the Service Desk is wheelchair-accessible and provides access to the first floor Computer Lab, Carter and Tolleson classrooms, Room 1212, and the Group Study Rooms. It also provides access to Historical Collections on the Ground Floor. The elevator to the Cabell Room has restricted access. Patrons needing access to the Cabell Room can seek assistance at the Service Desk, or call for assistance by using the telephone next to the elevator in the After Hours area. Patrons in the Cabell Room needing to ride the elevator up to the main floor can use the telephone next to the lactation room, just around the corner from the restrooms. The telephones by the elevator leading to and from the Cabell Room both connect directly to the Service Desk.


All workstations in the first floor Computing Lab will accommodate wheelchairs. If needed, staff is available for assistance.


The Library does not have photocopiers or printers that are specifically ADA-compliant nor does it offer equipment that assists in visibility (or the reading) of text. If a user with disabilities is unable to make his or her copies, staff at the Service Desk will be available to assist. If there is not sufficient staff to assist, the request will be forwarded to the Library's Document Delivery staff for completion.

Retrieving Material

The staff at the Service Desk is available to help disabled patrons retrieve material from the Library's book and journal stacks.

Other Assistance

Other special requests should be addressed to the Associate Director for Collections and Library Services, Dan Wilson, at 434-924-0193 or dtw2t@virginia.edu, or the Interim Library Director, Bart Ragon, at bart@virginia.edu.

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