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Historical Highlights

1825 First medical books purchased by Thomas Jefferson, housed in Rotunda.
1837-39 Medical books housed in Anatomical Theater
1895 All medical books lost in Rotunda Fire; donations of new books help rebuild collection.
1975 Current library building completed, incorporating Medical Library and Nursing Library
1989 Library card catalog computerized; Library offers miniMEDLINE
1992 Library installs full MEDLINE, subsequently other OVID databases
1992 Library computer classroom dedicated.
1992 Outreach information services begin in southwestern and western Virginia
1996 Next generation library system implemented - SIRSI and Webcat
1996 Library building expansion and renovation funds obtained
1996 Library assumes responsibility for managing the Health System Web site
1997 OVID Web Gateway established
1998 First major acquisition of electronic journals and online textbooks added
1999 Renovation and expansion begins
2002 Library building renovation completed

Completion of the Philip S. Hench Walter Reed Yellow Fever Collection website

2004 Liaison program expanded to include hospital-based departments
2005 Linda Watson leaves and Gretchen Arnold is appointed Interim Director & Assoc. Dean
2005 Class of 1955 generously donates $250,000 to the library
2006 13 group study rooms are carved out of the space formerly occupied by the book collection
2009 All library print materials are moved to compact shelving in the Cabell Room
2009 Reference Desk is retired.  Library operates with one service desk.
2010 The library begins lending iPads
2010 Library expands after hours area
2010 Library's Facebook page is launched
2011 First Thursdays in the Library series runs monthly through 2012, then returns in 2014 
2012 BioConnector opens on the first floor of the library to promote collaborations
2013 Library partners with Public Health Sciences to create a trial PHS@TheLibrary service
2013 Library purchases a 3D printer

Library opens 6 new study rooms in after-hours space

2014 Library enters the world of digital health and begins lending Fitbits.

Library opens Patient & Family Library in lobby of the University Hospital

2016 Library offers former staff office space to UVA Hospital for use as their Be Safe Situation Room
2017 Library introduces the MILL, a suite of spaces designed to promote innovative thinking and creation

Library serves as a Family Assistance Center to support Health System response to August 12 tragic events


Patient & Family Library closes and space is turned over to Patient & Guest Services

2020 Gretchen Arnold makes the call to close the Library midway through the day on Wednesday, March 18th due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
2020 Library re-opens to UVA Health badge holders on Monday, May 18th, with reduced seating and services.  Service Desk hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.  
2020 Be Safe Situation Room is turned back over to the Library.
2020 Gretchen Arnold retires, and Bart Ragon is appointed interim director.
2020 Library expands after hours space to include lobby and first floor.
2021 Library re-opens to all patrons on August 2nd.  Service Desk hours remain at Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.
2022 Due to the omicron variant, UVA Health implements greater visitation restrictions.  As a result, the Library restricts access to only UVA Health badge holders on January 3rd.
2022 Library opens back up to the public on March 3rd.
2022 Bart Ragon appointed library director.
2023 Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion staff occupy former HIT computer room on 2nd floor in August. 
2023 Library announces that Embase, Covidence, and VisualDx are being added to the collection.


Quick Facts

8,348 Primary Users Served
24/7 Hours Open per Week to UVA Health Affiliates
45 Hours Open per Week to non-UVA Health Affiliates
5 Personnel - Faculty
21 Total Personnel
112,329 Book and Journal Volumes
3,890 Current Electronic Journals
72,000 sq ft Space (Gross)
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Claude Moore Health Sciences Library
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