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Food and Drink Policy

Food Policy

The Health Sciences Library permits food and drinks, within reason, to be consumed in most locations. Please use the recycling containers available throughout the Library and properly dispose of all other trash in available containers. The use of spill-proof drink containers is encouraged.

Food and drinks are prohibited in the Historical Collections area. Please be especially careful with food and drink in areas such as the computer lab, where damage to equipment can take place.

Users of group study rooms may bring items for personal consumption such as drinks or snacks. Organizers of events in group study rooms may include boxed lunches, sandwich trays, or cold drinks for the personal consumption of participants. However, catered events involving hot foods, buffet lines, coffee urns, etc. cannot be accommodated in Library public spaces.

When bringing food to the Library, please keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Avoid snacks that may disturb other users or damage furniture or equipment.
  • Limit eating and drinking at computer workstations.
  • Recycle aluminum cans and dispose of all trash before you leave.
  • Inquire about food policies when making reservations. 
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