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The Health Sciences Library offers guidance to University of Virginia health professionals working on hospital quality improvement projects. Whether working on an A3 or improving a process within your service line, a medical librarian is available to help you.

Knowledge Support. We know how important your QI project is to the success of our hospital in meeting the goals of providing the best and safest care possible. We also understand how busy you and the rest of your team members are. That's why we're here to support you with a wide range of services. Starting with a comprehensive search of multiple health-related databases, we can locate research on your QI topic that can help inform you, help set project goals based on data, and/or inspire creative solutions. With a strong understanding of the QI process and current information sources, our search service can be as exhaustive as you need it to be: to include all references found or just a few relevant articles vetted by a librarian. In addition to the published literature, we can also search sources many people don't think about or have the time to comb through in order to find new and emerging ideas --sometimes from other health institutions- for you to consider. These sources, known as "grey literature" can include dissertations, professional association and governmental websites, social media, and more. This information is provided to you in an easy-to-read format detailing all of the sources and the terms used to search, along with the references selected with their full-text links. Request support here.


Data Support. The Library's Data @ HSL Team can consult with you before you begin your project to make sure you collect data in an efficient manner. We can also help you to determine what software to use, how to clean your data for analysis or even check for statistical assumptions. Finally, Data @ HSL can help you create visuals that will best articulate your results to a specific audience. We offer consultations on statistical software such as R, GraphPad Prism, Excel, Stata, SAS, and SPSS. Request support here.


Institutional Resources Locator. Often times UVa hospital employees have questions that go beyond the library's traditional domain. If you need something and don't know who else to ask, ask us! We can often make recommendations for resources and services or refer you to someone who may know. Ask Us!

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