How do I get remote access to UpToDate?




Remote access to UpToDate is available to UVA affiliates in two ways:

  1. on your computer via the Web-based interface
  2. on your mobile device through the UpToDate app 

Please consult below for access instructions.

Step by Step

Remote Access via a Computer

  1. Register for UpToDate anywhere by following the guide linked above.
  2. You can access UpToDate while off-Grounds using the link from the library's home page or on the clinical portal. You'll be required to log in via UVA Netbadge. You do not need to physically return to Grounds to maintain or renew access via this method.

Remote Access via a Mobile Device

  1. Obtain the UpToDate app in the App Store (iPhone or iPad), Play Store (Android) or Windows Store.
  2. Download and install the UpToDate app to your mobile device
  3. On your mobile device, log into your account using the user name and password you created above
  4. IMPORTANT: you will need to log into your UpToDate account on Grounds every 90 days in order to verify your affiliation with UVA and keep your remote account active. 

Keeping your Off-Grounds Access Active

There are several ways to verify your UVA affiliation to keep your mobile, off-Grounds access to UpToDate (these instructions are not needed for those accessing UpToDate via the Web):

  • From a computer connected to an on-Grounds network (e.g. eduroam, Cavalier, or HSCS wireless, NOT a cell phone data connection), go to UpToDate using the library's link. Once there, log in using your UpToDate user name and password (you may be prompted first to log in with Netbadge before getting to the UpToDate home page)
  • From a mobile device connected to an on-Grounds WiFi network, use your mobile app to log in to UpToDate.
  1. You'll be asked to accept the license agreement:

  2. Click on Accept License and then you'll receive a message that your UpToDate remote access is now good for another 90 days:


For support, contact the UpToDate Customer support team Monday through Friday 7am - 9pm 

1-800-998-6374 or 1-781-392-2000

Additional assistance is available to UVA Health System faculty, staff, and students. Just Ask Us - we are happy to provide help via email, phone, or in-person.

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