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Alternative Access to Journal Content

Alternative Access

The Health Science Library is committed to supporting the clinical, research, and educational missions of UVA Health.

There are many ways to gain quick and legal access to journal content that is behind a publisher paywall: 

1. Install browser extensions (see below).

2. Use the library's Interlibrary Lending Service

3. Contact the author directly, or connect with them through ResearchGate or

4. Search for Open Access copies through Google Scholar, PubMed Central, and search.bioPreprint from the University of Pittsburgh

Content Discovery Browser Extensions

  Subscription and Open Access Content

LibKey Nomad

A browser extension that offers links to PDFs while browsing certain pages such as PubMed, WOS, publisher websites, and Wikipedia. If LibKey Nomad can not find the article, you will be brought to a page where you can select to submit the citation to our Interlibrary Loan Service (ILL). All the information will automatically populate in the ILL form. See below for pictures of what this process looks like.

  Open Access Content

Open Access Button

If this plug-in can't find the open article, it allows you to automatically email the author to request the article.


Find open-access versions of paywalled research papers, instantly with this web browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. A green “unlock” sign means that a free version of the paper is available elsewhere. A gray “lock” icon means that a free version was not found.


How to Use LibKey Nomad

Enter your search terms in the search box




LibKey Nomad will show you three ways to go the article depending on the level of access and the publisher.

1. The "Download PDF" button will immediately download the PDF to your computer.

2. The "Article Link" button will bring you to the publisher's site where you then will be given the option to read online or download the PDF.

3. The "Access Options..." button will bring you to the UVA Journal Finder page. Here, you will see if there is an open access option. This page will also allow you to submit the article to our Interlibrary Lending Service if there is no open or institutional access.




Click the Health Sciences Library link to submit your Interlibrary Loan request. The citation information will populate into the form. 

If you have trouble submitting a request, please contact Jeri Davis

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