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Open publishing and citation dashboard with EuropePMC data in Python & Streamlit

by Anson Parker on 2021-04-30T14:35:00-04:00 in Multidisciplinary | 0 Comments

Getting started is simple

  1. Set up a github repo - you're certainly welcome to fork ours here
  2. Set up a streamlit share account this may take a day or two - so plan ahead :)
  3. Connect the two - there are some pictures here

Now we're off to the races - you should have a URL where your app is going to be showing up every time your github code gets updated is our app link

Tech notes... Caching.... it's a thing

I feel like a jerk for not testing the streamlit caching tools in the past.  They're amazing.  What a difference it makes with these larger queries.  Just add @st.cache() before a function and it the results get cached... done.  We do all the processing in the pandas data frame after that and it's super speedy

Creating a development app was a great way to test against our main code - we

  1. forked a development branch on github and 
  2. selected the new branch on streamlit sharing
  3. Boom! new app to test on

The gift of gab

Every aspect of this process is open source, and all the development and support involves real people.  Introduce yourself to the community.  The groups we reached out to in working on this project included


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