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Equipment in the room: crestron control panel, shared layer hospital computer, large screen with airport access, HDMI cables for connecting your personal 

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Group study rooms


Group Study Room and other Library Space Notices

Last updated: 9:30AM, Sept 16, 2021


Room # Effect on users Description Status
All HDMI input on wall panel may be unreliable for some users. Recommend using the workstation that is provided in the room (versus a laptop into HDMI cable) when possible. After 10 seconds of use, the audio and visual signal may cease. It occurs on some, but not all, laptop computers. Originally reported by SOM students, occurs on some, but NOT all, MacBooks. Vendor continues to look for solution. Open
All Users are unable to use AirMedia WiFi display devices. As these are rarely used, the effect on users should be minimal. Recommend that users use the HIT computer that is provided. ITS networking switched off the IP addresses as part of the AON to APN project. Will need to get new IP addresses for each device. Open
1331 Camera not available Camera not available Open
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