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Important Changes to NCBI Accounts Coming June 22nd

by Kimberley Barker on 2021-06-01T14:34:00-04:00 | Comments



This is the logo for the National Center for Biotechnology (NCBI). It has a white background with words in blue.

This post was written by Andrea Denton.


Do you have an NCBI account for your PubMed citations in MyBibliography? Or do you log in to NCBI to use MyNCBI or SciENcv? You may need to act now to update your login information for your account.


What’s happening?

If you have a username and password you set at NCBI (i.e. NCBI-managed credentials) it will be going away after June 22, 2021. If you use a third-party login to NCBI, e.g. NIH, eRA Commons, ORCID, Login.gov, Google, or UVA Netbadge, this change will not affect you. You do not need to do anything.

Beginning June 22, NCBI-managed usernames and passwords will no longer work, so if that is the only method you use to access your account, you must change your account settings now to avoid losing your information.


How can I tell if I need to update my login?

First, check your current login method(s):

1. Log into your NCBI account the way you usually do

2. Click on your username in the top bar to view your NCBI Account Settings page

3. If your page looks like the screen below with a “Native NCBI Account” username and password and has no linked accounts, then you will need to add a linked account.


This photo is of a screenshot of NCBI account settings.

To add a required login method:

1. To add a linked account, click the Change button under Linked Accounts.

2. You may choose several options for a linked account including the following:


· University of Virginia (find under the list of “All Available Partner Accounts”)

· login.gov

· Google

What about my account data?

This change will not affect the actual data in your account, such as your MyBibliography, SciENcv, or submission data. The only thing that is changing are the credentials you use to access your account.

What if I have questions? Visit NCBI’s FAQ for the latest information and instructions. NCBI staff may be contacted via their Help Desk with any issues. We are here to help as well – contact us via the Ask Us button.

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