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Introducing the Outpost!

by Kimberley Barker on 2019-09-05T13:05:25-04:00 | Comments

(This article was written by Dan Wilson, and edited by Kimberley Barker)

As both employees and patients know, UVAHealth is a very busy place and the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library is no exception.  Our service statistics show that patron encounters have increased over 80% from the same period last year, and 105% from only two years ago.  The largest increase in encounters falls under hospitality services, which includes greeting patrons and helping them navigate library space and technology.

In response to this fast-paced environment, the Service Desk team has created the Outpost, a new service point meant to reduce barriers and help keep UVAHealth moving smoothly.

Located just inside the Health Sciences Library next to the staircase, the Outpost is an extension of the main Service Desk. This location was chosen because it is directly in the flow of traffic from the door, making it easier for staff to greet those coming into the Library and easier for patrons to ask if they need help, saving them valuable time.

One of the main ways that the Outpost can help is in navigation: we reached out to UVA Patient & Guest Services, and they provided us with UVAHealth maps. Now the Service Desk team is more able to help patients reach appointments on time, thereby eliminating waste and contributing to a more lean environment.

Currently, the Outpost is staffed by only one team member, and so more in-depth requests (such as checking out materials and making room reservations) will be referred to the Service Desk.

We’d appreciate your feedback or questions about this change; if you have either (or both), please email Dan Wilson (dtw2t@virginia.edu).

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