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Library Spaces serve a variety of needs

by Kimberley Barker on 2019-02-19T15:06:00-05:00 | Comments

This article was written by Dan Wilson, and edited by Kimberley Barker.


The Library offers a variety of spaces that can be reserved by anyone affiliated with the Health System. Simply call the Service Desk at 434-924-5444 for assistance in making your reservation, or feel free to do it for yourself: if you have a specific space/room in mind, use the self-service reservation system https://cal.hsl.virginia.edu/allspaces ; if you aren’t sure which space is best for your needs, fill out the reservation form at https://guides.hsl.virginia.edu/hsl-spaces and a Library staff member will help.

Below is a list of all major spaces in the Library, which we hope helps you learn more about what’s available to members of the Health System:


Lactation Room

A private, lockable room located in the Cabell Room, it's available during regular Library hours.



Study Rooms
Six study rooms are located in our after-hours space, and they can be reserved 24/7/365.  Study Room #6 sits on an outside wall just above Jefferson Park Avenue, which means you’ll get some natural light and some white noise from the sounds of vehicles on JPA.  Study Rooms #1 and #2 have available monitors, while #3, #4, #5, and #6 offer no technology.



Detmer Room (Room 2502)

The Detmer Room is also in our after-hours space and is available 24/7/365.  Detmer has a conference-room feel, with a long table, approximately 10 chairs, a white board, and a large digital display with access to cable TV. Notably, there’s also a large window which looks out into the Link which, for security reasons, may not be covered.



Link Alcove

If you are promoting an event or program and want an opportunity to interact with people walking through the Link, the Link Alcove is the ideal space.  The alcove, just across from the Library entrance, is normally empty but Service Desk team members will provide chairs and a table, and even assist you with set-up and break-down. There’s just one caveat: any fund-raising activities must first be approved by Library Administration, which can be reached by calling 434. 924-5444.



Meeting Rooms
There are 13 meeting rooms on the first floor of the Library.  Some of the rooms have an accordion wall separating them, and it can be folded away in order to create one large room which can accommodate up to 30 people. Each room has network connections, LCD screens, white boards, and computers with EPIC access, and technical support is provided.  Twelve of the meeting rooms are located in the same hallway, while one of the rooms (1226) is located in an often hard-to-find location within the MILL.  Fortunately, members of the Service Desk team are happy to escort patrons to this location.



Room 1212

This space is designed for collaborative teamwork, web conferencing, and video communications.  Technical support is provided by the Library’s Tech Team. 


Presentation Studio

Tucked away on the first floor of the Library in the MILL, this space (the only one of its kind on the Health System side of Grounds) can be used for creating videos and practicing presentations.  The Presentation Studio features a green screen wall, and high-end recording and editing equipment. Consultations for this space and equipment are provided by Stephanie Fielding (sna9e@virginia.edu).In addition, because it’s in a rather secluded area of the Library, mindfulness sessions are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM.



The Multipurpose Innovative Learning Lab is a vibrant open space on the ground floor, and is intended for collaborative study and group learning, meetings and workshops, and educational and technological exploration. In addition to space, the MILL also offers monthly learning opportunities, such as the Introduction to Design Thinking.


For additional information about our spaces, please contact the Service Desk at 434-924-5444.

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