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Publishing Opportunities with BMJ Case Reports

by Kimberley Barker on 2020-05-01T09:34:14-04:00 | Comments



This post was written by Karen Knight and edited by Kimberley R. Barker

"Our medical students and interns would be so smart to use this opportunity."
Neeral Shah, MD

Did you know that you can publish in this prestigious case reports journal for free? It's true!

The Health Sciences Library pays an annual Institutional Fellowship fee to BMJ Case Reports that enables you to submit your case report to them without paying the normal per article submission price.

Your article will still go through their peer review process and there is no guarantee that it will be published - but the Library has removed the first hurdle by making the submission process free to you and easy to navigate. 

BMJ states that, “Emphasis is placed not on rare cases, but on common cases that present in unusual ways, cases that present diagnostic, ethical, or management challenges, or cases that explore lessons learned from errors.”

BMJ reports that approximately 50% of the cases submitted are accepted for publication. There have been at least 19 successful submissions by UVA authors since the Library began the Fellowship subscription!

For a full review of BMJ Case Reports, visit: https://dcdm.doody.com/2018/06/a-review-of-bmj-case-reports/

To submit a case report, please visit the “Instructions for Authors” that includes a user guide and help on how to submit cases: https://casereports.bmj.com/pages/authors/. The UVA Fellowship Code that is needed when submitting cases is 567181.

BMJ Case Reports is a great venue for us to write case reports with medical students and residents, and having the library fellowship code made it much easier and affordable.
                                       - Andrew Parsons, MD

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