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How To Use Outlook To Schedule Webex

How Do I Use Outlook To Schedule Meetings?

Answer: Install Cisco Webex Productivity Tools and Webex meeting tools will be added to your Outlook program.

  1. Login to your Webex account at, 
  2. Click the "Downloads" menu item and then click to download Cisco Webex Productivity Tools
  3. Install and the next time you schedule a meeting using Outlook choose "Add Webex Meeting".
    • NOTE 1.: you may have to save the Outlook meeting to see the complete Webex inserted meeting information.
    • NOTE 2: after saving you will see modify and cancel Webex tools appear in your Outlook meeting window for that meeting.


How To Record & Share A Meeting

How Do I Record A Meeting And Then Share It?

Answer: when the meeting is started, click the record button. After the meeting download the recorded file and share the file as needed.

  1. Begin your meeting and click the record button.
    • NOTE: attendees will hear an audible indication that the meeting is being recorded and see a small red recording icon in the upper right.
  2. After your meeting login to
  3. Choose the "Recordings" menu item
  4. Click to download your recording
  5. Share the recording file to an appropriate location to share.
    • NOTE: follow the necessary privacy compliance rules when choosing where and with whom to store and share your recorded file.

how to. record a webex meeting

How To Add Alternative Hosts

How Do I Add Alternate Hosts?

Answer: Choose one of two options when scheduling a meeting.

  1. Login to
  2. Choose "Meetings" menu item and then the "Scheduling" button.
  3. OPTION 1: when scheduling, add attendees and choose option 1 to assign specific attendees as alternative hosts
  4. OPTION 2: when scheduling, check the "Alternate host" box to automatically assign any attendee with a hospital Webex account to be host in your absence.

how to add alternate hosts

How To Assign A Scheduler

How Do I Assign Someone To Schedule My Webex Meetings?

Answer: enter their email address in the "Scheduling permission" field in your Webex preferences.

  1. Login to
  2. Choose "Preferences" left menu item
  3. Enter a list of your schedulers email addresses who already have a Webex account
    • NOTE: you must use the email format
  4. Your schedulers will now be able to schedule Webex meetings for you.
    • NOTE 1: All scheduled meetings will show up in your HIT Outlook calendar.
    • NOTE 2: Schedules will also automatically be invited to your meeting too.

how to add schedulers


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