This guide focuses on the effects that climate change has on health and healthcare.


Climate Change and Healthcare


About this guide

A note about this guide and the presentation upon which it is based:

This guide (as with all other information presented by Claude Moore Health Sciences librarians), is based on scientific fact. While acknowledging that the concept of climate change and its effects on both the environment and people is debated, the evidence-based, peer-reviewed work from credible sources presented here overwhelmingly recognize climate change, the role of humans in that change, and its effects on healthcare, as fact.

Welcome! This guide focuses on the effects of climate change on health and healthcare, and grew out of a presentation that I originally gave in 2019 and which I have continued to give (and update). 

Sections include the following:

  • definition of climate change

  • historical records about climate change

  • climate change indicators

  • pressing climate change issues

  • the impact of climate change on health and healthcare delivery

  • strategies for managing climate change

Please reach out if you have questions, concerns, or resources that you feel should be added to this guide.




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