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Advanced Physical Diagnosis Online Companion

Advanced Physical Diagnosis

This Online Companion is designed to be a supplement to the Advanced Physical Diagnosis elective, taught by Dr. Gene Corbett, M.D. at the University of Virginia School of Medicine , as well as a useful learning tool for those interested in improving their physical exam skills.  The task of turning this material into a usable product is thanks to the hard work of two fourth year medical students in the Spring of 2015 - Andy Starr and J.B. Boone. 

Users will find within this site links to current and historical articles, instructional videos, and other clinical aids that will enable them to enhance their understanding of and facility with various aspects of the physical exam.  We hope this provides a comprehensive resource for learners at all levels.  We anticipate that this guide will continue to evolve, so please feel free to contact Andy Starr, jas5ba@virginia.edu, with suggestions for how this resource can be improved.

We have organized this resource according to the major organ systems of the physical exam, which are listed in the tabs across the top of this page.  To begin exploring, simply click on the organ system of interest, where you will find relevant articles and instructional media related to that system.

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