This guide provides information about services and support that the Health Sciences Library can offer community groups, as well as describes past and present collaborations with them.

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The University of Virginia is a public institution supported by taxpayers and, as a result, community members have the right to access UVA libraries (see a list of them here) and their specialized databases, many of which are not available through the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library system. Due to licensing agreements, however, community members must be physically present at a UVA library in order to do so. 

The Claude Moore Health Sciences Library devotes a large percentage of its budget to health/medicine databases which are primarily used by clinicians and School of Medicine and School of Nursing students and faculty. As stated above, community members are welcome to visit HSL in-person and access them if they want more specialized information; however, for patients and their families seeking information on medical conditions, prescription medicines, medical tests, and genetics, MedlinePlus is a great option- it's also free and available wherever you have an internet connection. 

If you have questions about accessing HSL's resources, or if you'd like help with a search, please email Kimberley R. Barker, MLIS, the Librarian for Belonging & Community Engagement at

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