This guide provides information about services and support that the Health Sciences Library can offer community groups, as well as describes past and present collaborations with them.

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"MedlinePlus is a service of the National Library of Medicine (NLM), the world's largest medical library, which is part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Our mission is to present high-quality, relevant health and wellness information that is trusted, easy to understand, and free of advertising, in both English and Spanish. Anywhere, anytime, on any device—for free."


"PubMed, a service of the National Library of Medicine, provides access to over 12 million MEDLINE citations back to the mid-1960's and additional life science journals. Pub Med includes links to many sites providing full text articles and other related resources."


"WONDER online databases utilize a rich ad-hoc query system for the analysis of public health data. Reports and other query systems are also available."

National Library of Medicine Bookshelf
"Bookshelf provides free online access to books and documents in life science and healthcare. Search, read, and discover."


National Academies Press
"The National Academies Press (NAP) publishes the publications of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. NAP publishes more than 200 publications per year on a wide range of topics in science, engineering, and medicine, providing authoritative, independently researched information on important matters in science and health policy."

DOAB (Directory of Open Access Books)
"DOAB is a community-driven discovery service that indexes and provides access to scholarly, peer-reviewed open access books and helps users to find trusted open access book publishers. All DOAB services are free of charge and all data is freely available." Some books are in languages other than English, including French, Spanish and Russian.

See here for books on Medicine.
See here for books on Health & Personal Development.
See here for books on Health & Safety Issues.

See here for books on Health Economics.
See here for books on Health Systems & Services.

CDC’s Division of Population Health (DPH)
"This site is dedicated to making high value health data more accessible to entrepreneurs, researchers, and policy makers in the hopes of better health outcomes for all."


CDC's Data Catalog
This site provides both state- and national- level statistics on a variety of topics including disability & health, chronic diseases, and injury & violence.


Native Health Databases
NHD began as two separate databases (the Native Health History Database and the Native Health Research Database) and were merged in 2003. The NHD, "... contains bibliographic information and abstracts of health-related articles, reports, surveys, and other resource documents pertaining to the health and health care of American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Canadian First Nations. The database provides information for the benefit, use, and education of organizations and individuals with an interest in health-related issues, programs, and initiatives regarding North American Indigenous peoples."

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