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UVA Health Historical Research Guide


Introduction to UVA Health Historical Research

In recent years there has been increased interest in the history of UVA Health. For those who want to examine this history, the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library maintains the following guide to useful resources, including exhibits, images, videos, books, institutional records, and databases.

Librarians and archivists are available to provide additional assistance navigating resources relevant to the history of UVA Health. However, we cannot undertake significant research projects on your behalf. If you are interested in scheduling a consult with one of our staff members, please email us at cmhslhc@virginia.educall 434-982-0576, or use the HSL Ask Us Form.


Online Exhibits

Online exhibits present curated collections and historical interpretations of UVA Health history. They are designed to reach a targeted audience, and they are shaped by the perspectives of their curators.

Institutional Records, Data, and Websites

In the course of its operations, UVA Health produces a large body of records, data, and websites. The University of Virginia permanently preserves a small collection of these resources for historical research.

Images, Videos, and Audio Recordings

Archivists maintain collections of images, videos, and audio recordings that document the history of UVA Health. Some of this material is online, but researchers can only access the rest with the help of library staff.

Student Life and Alumni

Yearbooks, photographs, publications, and other materials at the University of Virginia document students' lives in the School of Nursing and the School of Medicine.


Books, Articles, and Presentations

Reading RoomMany researchers have given presentations, written books, and published articles about the history of UVA Health. At the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, we have compiled lists of these resources for our users.

Community Sources

Organizations outside the University of Virginia (e.g., newspapers, non-profits) have collected data and published content about UVA Health. These resources can provide significant insights into the history of UVA.

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